There are currently no vacancies for a Parish Councillor.   Please contact the Clerk, Michelle Francis for further information :

Councillors Address Telephone No

Mr Paul Mote (Chairman)

Mr Richard Hughes (Vice Chairman) Haygrove, The Avenue TA4 4DJ 01984 634714
Mrs Susan Sherry Silvermead, Weacombe Rd TA4 4EA 01984 633255
Mr Gordon Tizzard 01984 634442
Mr Mark Philipson Sunset Gate, Weacombe Rd, TA4 4EA 01984 631947
Mrs Annabel Cottrell  
Mrs Penny Gibbons  

Clerk to the Parish Council

Mrs Michelle Francis Wibble Farm, Williton, TA4 4DD 01984 633518


Parish Emergency Contact:

In the event of major accident or emergency in the Parish please contact Mr Paul Mote or Mrs Michelle Francis (Tel: 633518).

Representations to Parish Council:

If any Parishioner wishes to make representations to the Parish Council about matters of concern to them, time may be allocated for this early on the agenda. Whilst meetings are being held via Zoom, each speaker’s statement is limited to 3 minutes, and if several Parishioners have views on the same topic, they should elect a spokesperson to make a one 5 minute submission. It would be appreciated if any such submission could be made to the Clerk 2 weeks before the Parish Council meeting to enable Councillors to have sufficient time to make a considered response.

Information Available from Parish Council:

  • Parish Council meeting minutes
  • Income & Expenditure for current and previous financial years
  • Annual Return Forms and Auditors’ Report
  • Policies & Procedures for conduct of Parish Council Business
  • (Reports, responses to consultation papers and planning applications form part of Parish Council meeting minutes).

Please contact the Clerk to view any papers or for any copy information – all available by email FOC or hard copy at 10p a sheet plus postage.

Future Meetings:

Normally held in the Village Hall at 7.30pm

2021 Meeting Dates

6th January, 3rd March, 5th May, 7th July, 1st September and 3rd November.

Any special meetings, such as for planning, will be advertised accordingly.

Useful Contact Numbers:

Police Emergency: 999 Non-Emergency: 101
Fire & Rescue Emergency: 999 Non-Emergency: 01823 364500
Ambulance Emergency: 999  
Coastguard Emergency: 999 Village Agent: 07931 014045